21 July 2016

The future of ecommerce is coming

Even though this journey is only just beginning, learn how it started with a conversation in a cafe.

Back in the summer of 2015 I found myself sitting in a coffee shop with a fellow developer. The previous 10 years of my life had been spent creating online shops for clients in a multitude of ecommerce packages. At the time, we were both in the middle of a Magento project and hating every minute of it. Naturally our conversation focused around the battle we were both having with various Magento features, and as usual both of us were uttering phrases such as “It should be like this” or “Wouldn’t it be so much better if”.

One thing we said stuck in my mind the most…

“Imagine if you had the simplicity and flexibility of WordPress with the power of Magento.”

That lit a fuse in my brain. I couldn’t see any reason why those things couldn’t be a reality. That evening I went home and the first lines of code that would become Air were written.

As development has progressed and moves forward, the goal is a very simple one. The system must beĀ both a powerful ecommerce packageĀ and a powerful CMS. There’s no reason why they should be separate, and they shouldn’t impede each other either.

One year on and I’m getting near the time I’d like to start sharing my ideas and the system with the world. Enter this website.

Let’s create something magical!

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